Let’s start with a reflection

Literally. The image above is a reflection of my patio. Today Lima woke up to a gray and rainy morning. The beginning of winter perhaps? So the reason why I have started this blog is a bit confusing to explain. Before, I had a blog on Blogger that started back in 2012. At first I’d just share random things and I didn’t post often. After some time, I started focusing more on the whole “lifestyle” topic. I haven’t deleted it yet, I’m surely not planning to.

But let’s be honest, there’s thousands (maybe it’s a hyperbole) of bloggers out there, into fashion and beauty and share their favorite products, outfits, routines, etc. They all want to be noticed, read and heard. But how to achieve such notoriety? A better question would be: why do people crave notoriety? At first I was doing it just for fun, but when I wanted others to actually read my blog, it became too exhausting. It requires time, constant updates, and not just any type of update, the content has to be appealing and your pictures have to look like they came from Tumblr or Pinterest. That’s when I asked myself, why did I start blogging? To gain readers, followers and compliments? No. Just to express myself, the kind of thoughts you don’t usually tell others but just keep for yourself. Write them (type them actually) and let them have their own little hiding place in the virtual world. It’s interesting reading about others, but it’s a challenge writing about yourself and making others want to read it. This blog will have a slightly different focus. I won’t be here sharing things to make my life look interesting. I’ll just write about things that matter to me, or I might even not write at all and just share pictures. Did I mention my passion for photography? This will be my attempt at getting back at it.