I haven’t done a favorites posts in a while. Here are a couple of random things I’ve been loving lately:

NYX HD Studio Photogenetic Primer Base: Honestly, it’s the first time I use a primer. Before, I never had much interest in making my make-up process too long, so I’d just put on foundation and powder. However, I was struggling making my makeup last on my nose, that tends to get oily. So after doing some research and going to the store, the seller recommended this product. Thank goodness she did, because it’s amazing. My appearance of my pores diminish and my makeup lasts so much longer!

Organix Keratin Oil Conditioner: I’m the type of person that constantly looks for new hair products because I can’t seem to find the right one for my hair type (naturally curly, dyed and chemically treated). So I was running out of conditioner and I came across this product at the supermarket. I’ve used the Organix Argan Oil conditioner before, which worked out well. But this one here is by far better.

Organix Penetrating Macadamia Oil: It’s not too heavy, perfect for fly aways and to use on dry tips. I can’t live without these types of oils for hair, since my hair tends to get dried quickly if I’m not constantly using conditioning masks.

Book “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely: In my neuromarketing class, I was assigned to read this book. At first I thought it’d be tedious snf boring, but I was completely wrong. It was an easy and interesting read, and instead of being theoretical, the chapters were filled with amusing facts and daily life tips.

iPhone 6s: There’s not much describing to do, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Love my new phone.

Music by Halsey: I’ve been obsessing over the entire album “BADLANDS” for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully she won’t become too mainstream, her music is too good.