Why I stopped using a bullet journal

For 2018, I decided to go back to a regular agenda, the one you can buy at any store with standard one page per day. Last year, I even did a post on setting up a bullet journal. Truth be told, I only used it until April or May approximately. In general, I’m not much of an agenda person. Before when I was still in college, my life did depend on a planner, I used to write down due dates and assignments. But I’ve been done with college for over a year and in my job I generally put my to-do list on a bulletin board. So as you may notice, I’m not really in the need of a planner. However, I decided to purchase one this year just to help me keep track of medical stuff and personal to-do list.

Here are the main reasons why I decided to give up on bullet journaling:

  • Time consuming: A bullet journal is something you create from scratch. From the index to the monthly and daily logs. It requieres for you to draw it all. Don’t get me wrong, I like drawing. But since I’m also a bit of a neat freak, I like to do things with precision. And that takes time, you need a ruler, different colored pens or markers. You can do all of this in advance and leave your bullet journal ready to go, or you can do it month by month. Either way, you’ll need some spare time to sit down on a desk and structure it all.
  • I have nothing to write down: I see pictures of pretty bullet journals on Pinterest and Tumblr, pages filled with handwritten notes about the things that must be done in the day. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the point in writing everything you’re going to do. Like “do laundry”, how can you even forget? In my case, I designate certain activities to certain dates of the week. Like watering my plants, I know I must do it every Sunday. So do I really need to write it down? You see, I only write down the type of stuff that I know I’ll most likely forget. Which is why I was left with so much blank space.
  • I already have other types of journals: I’m a bit of a stationary hoarder and I love carrying around with me a little “notebook of ideas” as I like to call it. Any interesting quote, idea or shopping list, that’s where I’ll write it down. I also have my personal journal, which you could call like a type of diary, where I keep poetry and whatever ramblings are on my mind. Then there’s my lunar journal, which I’ve recently started using for keeping track of lunar phase dates and setting my intentions. Lastly, I have a small notebook for fiction and creative writing, where I jot down ideas for characters and plot lines (hopefully I’ll write a novel someday).
I’ll see how this new year goes with my regular store bought planner. Have you tried bullet journaling before? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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