Review: The Broken Girls

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Do you believe in ghosts? If so, you’ll most probably like this novel. And even if you don’t, there’s plenty of mystery and unsolved situations that will keep you hooked.

In case you hadn’t heard of this book before, The Broken Girls has two timelines. One, dating back to 1950 in Vermont. Four girls who are roommates are becoming close friends while attending Idlewild Hall, an all-girls boarding school. Due to the fact that each one of them had some troubled past, it took them a while to open up to each other and just when they were achieving this, one of them goes missing. What happened to Sonia?

Fast forward to 2014, and Fiona Sheridan, a local journalist, is revising past events of her sister’s murder that occurred twenty years ago. Deb’s body had been found at Idlewild’s abandoned sports field. There’s something about the facts that don’t add up, and even though the murderer was convicted, she still thought some information was missing. However, her investigation gets a bit sidetracked when she hears that the Idlewild Hall has been bought to renovate and reopen. Does Idlewild Hall have anything to do with Deb’s murder? 

Though it felt a bit predictable at times, some events really took me by surprise — the twists were quite deceitful. Specially those pertaining real people. This novel, just like in many other books and movies, makes you wonder if you can really trust those who surround you. There are so many unsolved missing person and cold cases, I personally think it’s important to unravel the information and solve the puzzle, in order to at least give the victim’s family some closure, and also the victim’s soul that can be restlessly wandering.

To sum up, I won’t say it’s the best thriller novel I’ve read. The style of writing was a bit prosaic, but then again so are most of the contemporary novels in this genre. It’s an interesting and quick read, the type that will have you turning pages to find out what happened to all of those broken girls.


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