Review: Florida

I would like to write a witty and profound review for this collection, but I’ll just keep it concise instead. Like most short stories, they leave you wanting more just when you’re finally settling in with the characters and the plot.

Most of these stories take place in Florida, exploring the obscurity hidden in its nature. As someone who has previously lived in Florida, I felt I was revisiting the sunshine state with all the detailed descriptions of the flora and fauna, and its distinguishing humidity.

The primary theme here was motherhood, but from a rather unconventional perspective, focusing on bleakness and distress. Some stories were engaging and memorable, while others were hard to follow.

Lauren Groff’s writing was a brushstroke that made these disturbing narrations worthy of underlining and annotations. I definitely can’t wait to read more by the author.

“The truth is, Meg had said, back when she was still a best friend, you love humanity almost too much, but people always disappoint you.”

Lauren Groff, Florida

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