Review: The Vanishing Half

The Vanishing Half is a historical fiction novel that begins with Desiree and Stella, twins from a small African American community in Louisiana, that decide to run away to New Orleans at the age of 16. They were searching for a new life in the hopes of a better and brighter future. But once inContinue reading “Review: The Vanishing Half”


Review: Verity

Even though this isn’t one of her most popular books, I’m starting to see why Colleen Hoover is so hyped. I finished Verity in less than a week, something so rare in me lately. It’s the type of book that kept me up at night because I wanted to read just “one more chapter”. TheContinue reading “Review: Verity”

Review: Florida

I would like to write a witty and profound review for this collection, but I’ll just keep it concise instead. Like most short stories, they leave you wanting more just when you’re finally settling in with the characters and the plot. Most of these stories take place in Florida, exploring the obscurity hidden in itsContinue reading “Review: Florida”

Review: Dominicana

Set in the 1960s, Ana is a 15-year-old girl from the Dominican Republic growing up in poverty, who is forced to marry Juan, a man twice her age, and move to NYC. Her parents, particularly her mom, are blinded by the hope of being able to migrate to the U.S., and Ana seems to beContinue reading “Review: Dominicana”

Review: A Room Of One’s Own

First published in 1929, “A Room Of One’s Own” is an extended essay based on two lectures that Woolf did a year before. Here she explores the role of women in literature throughout time until the present (or her present rather). Despite this text being nearly a century old, it’s still relevant today. Woolf arguesContinue reading “Review: A Room Of One’s Own”

Review: Summer

Summer is the fourth book in Ali Smith’s seasonal quartet. Once again, I feel that my reviewing skills won’t do justice to what Smith has accomplished. But I’ll try nonetheless. Here’s the synopsis: In the present, Sacha knows the world’s in trouble. Her brother Robert just is trouble. Their mother and father are having trouble.Continue reading “Review: Summer”