Holographic dreams

La Luna Vita photography blog
I always find intrigue in blurry and poor quality photographs. (Circa 2012)
Holographic dreams
The type you want to wake up from
Hovering above the sea
Swirls and whimsical bodies of water
Fluorescence beneath your feet
Blending in the darkness
Spectrums surrounding
Catch me
Before I fall asleep

Whispers of the mind

No filter needed ❤
The silence I know so well
Though it is hard to tell
Different settings
Same time of day
Emotions lingering restless
But they want to stay
Paper and pen
The company you keep
When your mind is at speed
As the streets become crowded
Footsteps dissolve the way
Better wait
Until the next day
P.S. The last time I posted a poem was back in 2015. Perhaps I should start sharing more of these? 

Unleashing thoughts

Picture taken February 2014

We are a rare breed

The type that can’t sleep at night
Fingers crossed
And tongues tied
We are endangered
With the future in mind
Starring at the constellations
Leaving the past behind
When we found one another
We did not comprehend
How our differences
Could make us intertwine

P.S. I know I haven’t posted any poems since the beginning of this blog, nor was it my intention to include these types of posts here. But sometimes you just gotta unleash those thoughts, right?