Review: Verity

Even though this isn’t one of her most popular books, I’m starting to see why Colleen Hoover is so hyped. I finished Verity in less than a week, something so rare in me lately. It’s the type of book that kept me up at night because I wanted to read just “one more chapter”.

The plot was engaging, and the twist at the end was something I was definitely not expecting. While it’s considered a thriller, there’s also romance, providing the story with some equilibrium and making it less dark compared to other thrillers.

I’ve rated this book 4 stars because it was entertaining, but I feel that’s the only adjective to describe it overall. The story lacked depth, I would’ve liked to know more about Verity’s background. The turn of events happened too fast to make it believable. And the writing style…I have no problem with the first-person POV, but it sometimes felt like a YA novel that covered disturbing topics. But it felt good to come across a book that got me out of a reading slump.

Will I read more Colleen Hoover books? Yes, mostly out of curiosity.