Review: The Midnight Library

  • Title: The Midnight Library
  • Author: Matt Haig
  • Genre: Contemporary fiction, Magic realism
  • Year: 2020

The Midnight Library follows the story of Nora Seed, a woman in her mid-thirties who feels like a failure. When caught between life and death, she’s given the chance to undo her regrets and actions, being able to change her current life for a new one. But what will it take to make a new life worth living?

Wow. I am speechless at how this short book contains so many thought-provoking ideas and lessons in such a digestible way. It reminded me a bit of Sophie’s World since philosophy is a central topic here, but combined with the movie The Butterfly Effect, in a rather soft-core version.

The Midnight Library made me reflect on my life, ponder those life-turning decisions I’ve made, and wonder all the “what ifs” that have always lingered in the back of my mind. From small choices to big ones, they all impact our lives, even if we’re clueless about the outcome the moment we take them. Because to some degree, we’re all like Nora Seed. No one has a perfect life, and it’s in our human nature to think we could’ve done better.

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