Book review: Wuthering Heights

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Before even finishing the book, I already knew how I would rate it. While reading some reviews on Good Reads, I noticed there were many opposing point of views. First of all, we can’t deny that Emily Brontë did in fact write a masterpiece. It’s among the most represented novels of English literature. Many people state that they hate this novel because of it’s horrendous characters. Mean, shallow, selfish…the list could go on. I don’t think Brontë’s purpose was to make the characters aspirational, quite the contrary. Perhaps she simply wanted to portray the evil side that many people have, whether they openly show it or not.


When I first began, I found it a bit tedious to even finish the first chapter. However, this year I set myself a goal of reading (and finishing) more books –regardless whether I like them or not. That is why I kept reading, and later found myself wanting to know more about these characters. Just to clarify, no I do not sympathize with them. But as a psychologist, I can’t help myself. Personality development initiates when we’re just toddlers. By the age of five, the characteristics become more visible and it completely takes shape by the time we’re eighteen. Why do the Wuthering Heights residents have such outrageous thoughts and behavior?


The ending took me a bit by surprise, given all the despairing outcomes I thought that’s how it would finish. But no, after everything that occurred, the ending demonstrated that good things can happen, that the descendents do not have to be commended. There’s a saying that goes “there is no evil that lasts a hundred years”. Literally.

Rating: 3.5/5


Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. 


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